The Karatesize White Level

Welcome to the Karatesize website.


The Karatesize White Level Program is designed for you to learn and exercise using Karate moves and techniques.

The best way to use this program, is to start your routine with the warm-ups and stretches. Just click on the tab at the side of the site.

After you do your warm-ups, start learning the different techniques and practice them in your routine.

The great thing about the Karatesize Program is, once you learn the techniques, you can start making your own exercise routines. One week you might go thru all the tecniques in the order you learned them.

The next week, you might go thru them in the same order, but you can do 5 reps of the same tecnique, then move on to the next one. There's all sort of routines you can make up. The best thing is to change your routine every week or two.

You would get the best results from the program if you practice at least three days a week. Monday - Wednesday - Friday  or  Wednesday - Friday - Sunday (just a couple of examples). I practice 5 days a week, Tuesday - Wednesday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday. But, you can make up your own schedule how ever you see fit.

You'll find learning the Karatesize techniques fun and at the same time, it is great exercise and great for self defense.

So start the Karatesize White Level Program today and notice the great change in your body, mentally and physically.

Have fun!!



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