is a program designed that allows individuals to have an exercise program that's fun and at the same time a learning experience. Learn White Level Karate online free.
Master all the White level techniques, then move onto the Yellow Level and so on all the way up to Black Level. It should be noted that while knowledge and techniques can be demonstrated and taught remotely, reaction drills that require a partner will not be optimized unless you seek out a partner to work with.

It imperative that the information provided be studied and practiced on a regular basis. Jumping ahead or skimming over lessons may actually slow down progress.

Notices – Warnings – Disclaimers

(please read and acknowledge)

– Before starting a program such as this, that requires some degree of physical effort, please consult your physician to determine that you are healthy enough to participate without risk of injury. It is your responsibility to determine your ability to participate in this program.

Warnings –
As you learn new techniques, you are responsible for exercising common sense. While the following is not comprehensive, please be warned about the following:

• The techniques you learn are capable of inflicting severe injury.


• Do not attempt to do the techniques at full speed, full extension or full power until you have practiced at a moderate pace for a considerable time.

Cease doing techniques that cause you pain. Use common sense in practicing the techniques.

• Make sure that you practice in a space that has ample room in order to avoid accidently striking a person, pet, wall or object.

• As in any sport, please allow sufficient time to warm up and cool down to avoid muscle strains and soreness.

Disclaimers –
Please read, understand and agree to the following disclaimers:

Carl Mills, his affiliated schools and organizations and his affiliated
assistants are not responsible for any injuries, accidents, damages, losses or acts that may occur as a result of participation in this program.

• The success of the program is determined by the level of effort and understanding that an individual puts into the program. We cannot guarantee how successful an individual will be with the material presented and we therefore make no such guarantees.

Enjoy the FREE Karatesize white Level program.


When you have mastered all the White Level techniques:

Move on to the
Yellow Level Site! Click on the link at the side bar!

Demo in Concentration & Ability

Benefits Of Karate

Karate is the classical art of weaponless self-defense; it literally translates as " The method of the empty hands". Traditional Karate uses mental focus and discipline to develop physical skills such as speed, strength, and agility. Training the mind and body together results in more productive benefits as opposed to monotonous exercise routines found in most fitness gyms. Fitness and Overall Health: Karate training improves flexibility, strength, coordination, and endurance of an individual. Karate's punches, thrust, kicks, blocks, sweeps and throws tones the whole body in an explosive and dynamic workout. Stress Reduction: In addition to the stress reducing benefits of any physical activity, Karate also improves concentration and awareness of mental attitudes that can cause stress. Self-Confidence: While all physical activities improves feelings of well-being, Traditional Karate places special emphasis on building character, and focuses on increasing self-confidence, awareness, and perseverance through repetitive physical and mental exercises. Self-Defense: Traditional Karate is the best martial art for self-defense because it focuses on actual defense skills rather than sport oriented techniques that are found to be impractical and inefficient in actual combative situations. Physical benefits include: *Cardiovascular Exercise * Coordination * Flexibility * Practical Self-Defense Techniques * Stree Relief * Aerobic and Anaerobic Activity * Develop Quicker Reflexes * Plyometric Explosiveness Mental benefits include: * Discipline * Perseverance * Humility * Responsibility * Self Esteem * Confidence * Awareness * Practicality in Judgement
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Learn karate online free. Great exercise program using karate / martial arts. Burn 500 calories per hour! Learn KArate free