Perfect Weight America

Jordan Rubin’s Perfect Weight America is built upon the idea that everyone has a perfect weight. That weight may not be the number you see on your bathroom scale, and it may not be the same weight as your sister or best friend. Instead, there’s a perfect-sized YOU just waiting to be discovered, and the Perfect Weight America program will help you get there

When you join the Perfect Weight America online community, you’ll receive immediate access to multiple tools that can help you stay on track as you move toward your perfect weight. You’ll have access to shopping lists, the PWA Resource Guide, exercise charts and demonstrations, recipes, and an individualized daily diet and meal plan. You can also keep an online journal, and you’ll receive daily reminders and tips in your In Box that will keep you motivated and on track. The best news is that the Perfect Weight America customized online program is FREE—a $240 value.

It’s easy to sign up and get started, so go to the Sign Up Page right away. When prompted, type in “PWA” as your access code. After registering, you can create an individualized Perfect Weight America health and wellness plan by completing an online health assessment questionnaire. This will take only a few minutes to do.

Most people only need a few seconds to know whether they are at their perfect weight; a glance into a full-length mirror can provide enough visual evidence whether or not they’re going through life at a healthy weight. Jordan is careful to point out that in the discussion about Body Mass Index, body frame size, and body fat, no “perfect weight” can be applied across the board. “God created everyone differently, and our bodies change shape as we grow older,” he said. “While I don’t think anyone can tell you what your perfect weight should be, the Pew Research Center reports that dieters say they are 29 pounds heavier than they would like to be. If that number sounds like it’s in your ballpark, then joining the Perfect Weight America campaign—and sticking to the program—will move you much closer to your perfect weight, help you feel much better about yourself, and even change the world around you.”

If you’ve always wanted to take that first step toward reaching your perfect weight, then sign up today!


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